A Look Back: Highlights of 2016

It’s been quite a year for the Liberal Party of Canada! From the convention in Winnipeg to the by-election in Medicine Hat, here are some of the highlights of 2016:

International Women's Day phone bank
To celebrate Women’s History Month in March, Sophie Grégoire Trudeau joined Liberal MPs, staff, and senior volunteers at LPC HQ for our International Women’s Day phone bank. Throughout the evening, they phoned hundreds of women and girls across Canada to talk about their stories in politics, answer questions about getting involved, and to offer words of inspiration and support! Check it out:

Launched LiberalCA Instagram
We launched the official Liberal Party of Canada Instagram account to give you a behind-the-scenes look into the goings on at HQ and across the country. Check out some of our top posts below, and follow @LiberalCA for more!

The Biennial Convention in Winnipeg
In May, thousands of Liberals came together at our 2016 Biennial Convention in Winnipeg. Not only that, we broadcasted it live on Facebook so Canadians across the country could join us from home, too!

Opening up our movement
At the convention, we threw our doors wide open as Liberals overwhelmingly voted to adopt a new party constitution. It’s now free for any Canadian who shares our values to join the Liberal Party of Canada - an important way we’re building the most open, innovative, and engaging political movement in Canada!

Pride across Canada
Liberals came out to pride parades and festivals across the country this summer, marching with the LGBTQ2 community to show that love is love, no matter who you are. Plus - at Toronto Pride in July, Justin Trudeau became the first sitting Prime Minister to march in a Pride Parade. Take a look:

Summer Leadership Program
Thanks to the 2016 Summer Leadership Program, over 140 passionate and talented, young Canadians got valuable, real world work experience with the Liberal team on Parliament Hill and at the Liberal Party of Canada.

On the Road with LPC
This summer we launched our new video series - On the Road with LPC! Our Facebook followers got to travel the country - from Vancouver to Halifax - to visit Liberal MPs in their ridings. Look out for season 2, coming this spring, but in the meantime, here’s a recap of season 1:

By-election in Southern Alberta
In October, Stan Sakamoto joined Team Trudeau as the Liberal candidate in the Medicine Hat—Cardston—Warner by-election. Stan and his team had over 22,000 conversations with Southern Albertans, and helped us achieve the best Liberal result in the riding in over 42 years! Here’s to Stan!

Azam Ishmael as new National Director
In December, we announced our new National Director, Azam Ishmael. As a leading mobilization expert and our Get-Out-The-Vote Director during the 2015 campaign, Azam has a long record of effectively engaging Canadians across the country. We are excited to work together to keep growing our movement, and making our party’s organizing more innovative and engaging than ever before. Learn more about Azam.

Reached 250,000 followers on Facebook
Our social media engagement grew even more when our party reached 250,000 followers on Facebook, allowing us to communicate with more and more Canadians each and every day! Are you one of them? Thanks for following! If not, follow us!
More grassroots donors than any other party
The Liberal Party of Canada is funded entirely by grassroots donors. Over 35,000 Canadians helped power our movement with donations each quarter this year, with an average donation of $43.26 in the last quarter!
Registered Liberals
And, in the second half of the year, since we adopted our new constitution, almost 50,000 Canadians have joined our movement to stand up for positive politics and work together towards a better future! You can join (for free) here too:www.liberal.ca/register

And there is much more work ahead. So look out, 2017!