Add Women, Change Everything

My family has always been incredibly important to me, and politics has always been a major part of our lives. That's why I didn't need to think long about running for office.

But many women face far too many obstacles in that decision. That's why I'm proud to be part of a team that's working hard to break barriers by getting more women elected.

Our Liberal team elected more women to the House of Commons in by-elections last year than any party ever! And now, Budget 2018 proposes historic investments to empower women, put gender equality at the heart of our decision-making, and increase the participation and leadership of women in every sector of our economy.

When I ran for Parliament, I was fortunate to have the support of my family, and my sons. I know Arnold would have been proud, too. Family support was incredibly important to my campaign. But women need more than family support and are too often discouraged from running because of financial barriers.

That's why the Liberal Party of Canada has the Judy LaMarsh Fund. It directly supports Liberal women running for Parliament, and helps ensure women candidates get the support and resources they need to run a successful campaign and launch a career in politics.

Today, only 91 seats–less than 27%–in the House of Commons are held by women, despite the fact that we make up more than half of the Canadian population. We need more women in the House of Commons, period.

But that won't happen unless more women have the necessary support to get involved, run winning campaigns, and join me as a Member of Parliament. And that's why today, I'm asking you to chip in and support women candidates by donating to the Judy LaMarsh Fund.

Support the Judy LaMarsh Fund

We can't move forward if half of our voices are held back.


Jean Yip

M.P., Scarborough—Agincourt