Andrew Scheer must open secret Toronto fundraiser

Toronto, ON – The following is a statement from the Hon. Mary Ng, Liberal M.P. for

“Andrew Scheer should open up his $1500 behind-closed-doors fundraiser tonight at the exclusive private home of Conservative Senator Linda Frum in one of Toronto’s ritziest neighbourhoods.

“Andrew Scheer continues to refuse to grant media access to his behind-closed-doors fundraisers so nobody knows who is lobbying him or what promises he’s making in secret. Scheer won’t open the doors because he wants to talk about his plan to cut the taxes of his wealthy friends, while slashing services Canadians depend on.

“Less than a year ago, Conservative MP Kerry Diotte called these events ‘unethical fundraising practices’ and said “As a party, we do not rely on wealthy elites and pay-to-play events.”

“Now that Elections Canada mandates the disclosure of fundraising events for party leaders, it is clear that the Conservatives were not telling the truth.

“Hosting the fundraiser at the home of a Conservative Senator also shows again that Andrew Scheer plans to reinstate Stephen Harper’s Senate policy by stacking the Senate with partisan Conservatives.

“The Liberal Party has been the first and only party to move forward with the strongest standards in federal politics for open and transparent political fundraising events, including allowing media to attend events.

“Canadians expect our political leaders to meet the highest standards for openness and transparency. It’s time that Mr. Scheer did the right thing and stopped barring journalists from the Conservative Party’s behind-closed-doors fundraising events.”