OTTAWA – By refusing to have the independent Parliamentary Budget Officer cost the Conservative platform, Andrew Scheer is following Doug Ford’s lead by planning to hide massive cuts, said Liberal MP Pablo Rodriguez.

Rodriguez was referring to a Radio-Canada report this morning that stated Andrew Scheer’s Conservatives are refusing to allow the Parliamentary Budget Officer to independently audit the Conservative election platform.

“Andrew Scheer is refusing to allow an independent check of the numbers so the Conservatives can hide massive cuts,” said Rodriguez. “That’s what Doug Ford did and now Ontarians are seeing cuts to their libraries, cuts to flood mitigation, cuts to public health agencies that work to address health crises like SARS, H1N1, and others. Andrew Scheer is planning to do the same thing.”

The Liberal Party welcomes the external costing of our platform by the Parliamentary Budget Officer. Andrew Scheer refuses to be upfront with Canadians about what he will cut. But his actions speak louder than his words:

  • Scheer is opposed to lowering taxes for the middle class and raising them on the wealthiest.
  • Scheer is opposed to the Canada Child Benefit that helps more than 3.2 million families and more than 5.8 million children.
  • Scheer is opposed to the increase to the Guaranteed Income Supplement, which helps almost 800,000 seniors across the country.
  • Scheer is opposed to strengthening the Canada Pension Plan, which helps Canadians afford a more secure retirement.

“We challenge Andrew Scheer to stop taking his marching orders from Doug Ford and submit his platform to the PBO. This provides open and transparent information to Canadians so that they are able to know what Andrew Scheer will cut before they make their decision this October,” said Rodriguez.