Budget 2014 Must Focus on Growth and the Middle Class

OTTAWA – After years of failed Conservative promises, it is time for stronger leadership on the economy and to create growth for the middle class, said Liberals today.

“Tomorrow’s federal budget must focus on generating the kind of economic growth that will finally help struggling middle class families,” said the Deputy Leader of the Liberal Party of Canada, Ralph Goodale. “The reality is that our economic growth rate has not been this poor since the days of R.B. Bennett, and the government must use tomorrow’s budget to invest in infrastructure and education if we are to get Canada on track.”

The Conservatives have wasted millions in taxpayer dollars trying to convince Canadians that they are sound economic managers. While household debt is at an all-time high, the Conservatives used last year’s budget to impose new tariffs on a range of middle class goods. At the same time, the government’s signature job creation program remains non-existent to this day – having been rejected by all provinces and territories because it would be funded by cutting successful, existing programs – and the economic recovery has done nothing for young Canadians, who have 262,000 fewer jobs than before the recession.

“Economic growth remains stagnant. We need investments, particularly in infrastructure and post-secondary education and training, that we know will generate opportunity,” said Liberal MP John McCallum. “Canadian families are looking for better ideas and genuine growth for the middle class in tomorrow’s federal budget.”