Conservative Government Fails Canadians

CHARLOTTETOWN — Liberal MP Wayne Easter today issued the following statement on the Council of the Federation’s 55th Annual Premiers’ Conference:

“Mr. Harper and his Conservative government have failed to work as partners with the premiers on the most critical issues facing our country, demonstrating yet again that they get the big things wrong.

“The Conservatives have failed to provide substantial, predictable, and sustainable infrastructure funding; in fact, they have slashed infrastructure investments this year by 90 percent. This harms the ability of our cities and communities to modernize and repair public transit, roads, bridges, housing, and water systems. More critically, their inaction prevents the kind of growth we need to expand the middle class in Canada.

“At the same time, Mr. Harper and the Conservatives have completely mismanaged the Temporary Foreign Worker Program, only to introduce blanket changes without any consultation. The result is clear: provincial economies across the country are being hurt.

“Liberals believe that a different, collaborative approach is needed if we are to offer a real and fair chance at success for all Canadians.”