Conservatives Mismanage Military Procurement

OTTAWA – The Conservatives’ announcement that defence procurement will be “reset” once again, and will largely be removed from the Department of National Defence, is a clear admission that military procurement over the last eight years has been wrought with failure, said Liberal National Defence Critic, Joyce Murray, today.

“This announcement does nothing to erase the Conservative government’s dismal track record on mismanaging procurement projects, which is the worst of any Canadian government since the Second World War,” said Ms. Murray. “On defence procurement, there are two things that the government needs to get right: it needs to provide our Forces with the equipment they need; and it needs to do so at the best possible price for taxpayers. After eight years, the Conservatives’ record has been one of failure.”

Since 2006, the Conservatives have built up a long list of failed military acquisitions, characterized by delivery delays and huge cost overruns. From the failure of their flagship F-35 fighter jet program, to the ongoing delays in securing a design for the Arctic Offshore Patrol Ship, to the abrupt cancellation of the Close Combat Vehicle after years of development, this Conservative government has shown a clear and consistent inability to deliver promised equipment to our men and women in uniform.

“Any private company that demonstrated this level of incompetence and mismanagement would have gone belly-up long ago,” said Ms. Murray.  “Canadian taxpayers deserve better, and more importantly, so do our brave members of the Canadian Forces who serve their country with the utmost distinction.”