Dishonest Conservative attacks reach new lows

TORONTO – “The Conservative campaign has given up on a positive vision for Canada and instead is launching over-the-top attacks and outright fabrications,” said Liberal candidate for Scarborough Southwest, Bill Blair.

“Many ridings are seeing deceptive fearmongering through flyers, written in Chinese and Punjabi, claiming Liberals will allow the sale of marijuana to children and establish neighbourhood brothels,” said Mr. Blair. “An Ontario Conservative candidate even disturbingly says Liberals will mandate the ‘selling of women.’ It’s offensive and insults Canadians.”

Here are just some of the outrageous claims Conservatives are making:

Conservative Fabrication: Liberals will “mandate” brothels, marijuana stores, and drug-injection sites in suburban neighborhoods.

“Do you want communities in Oakville that are quiet and safe… or communities where a federal Liberal government mandates legally protected brothels with madams and all that goes with that because the Liberals have promised to legalize the selling of women in Canada and mandates marijuana stores… and mandates drug-injection sites with no local input… What family would invest their life savings in a home near a marijuana store, a brothel, or a drug-injection site?” (Conservative candidate Terence Young, Oakville Chamber Debate, October 6, 2015)

Conservative Fabrication: Trudeau doesn’t think cutting off the genitals of women is barbaric.

“We call it a barbaric act because it is. Justin Trudeau doesn’t think cutting off the genitals of women is.” (Conservative candidate Gary Goodyear, Cambridge Social Planning Debate, October 7, 2015)

Conservative Fabrication: Trudeau wants to negotiate with ISIS.

“It’s the most brutal regime… We cannot sit around a table like Justin Trudeau wants to do and negotiate with these people. (Conservative candidate Andrew Saxton, Aria TV debate, September 28, 2015)

“Stephen Harper’s career has been defined by negative personal attacks, but these shameful attacks reach new lows,” said Mr. Blair. “These tactics are beneath the dignity of anyone seeking to be Prime Minister of Canada.”