Parkdale–High Park General Meeting

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Riding Parkdale-High Park
Date Nov 18, 2017
Province ON
Location High Park Branch of the Toronto Public Library, 228 Roncesvalles Ave, Toronto, ON M6R 2L7
Start Time 12:45 PM

Parkdale–High Park General Meeting

Position First Name Last Name
Chair Michael Fenrick
Vice-Chair Tanis Darling
Secretary Adil Sayeed
Policy Chair Veronica Wynne
Organization Chair Teresa Reeves
Director-at-Large Jamie Bulnes
Director-at-Large Derek Raymaker
Director-at-Large Zachary Nixon
Director-at-Large Joseph Bornstein
Director-at-Large Dawn Gordaneer
Director-at-Large Kimberley Wakefield

As a Registered Liberal, you’re invited to attend the General Meeting of the Parkdale–High Park Federal Liberal Association.

As you may know, these general meetings for your local Liberal Electoral District Association (EDA) give us all an exciting chance to build up our local team for the year ahead.  Table Officers and Directors will be chosen by you, and fellow Liberals in your area.

This is an exciting time to be involved in the Liberal Party of Canada, as we work together to support positive politics and Justin Trudeau’s plan for a stronger middle class.

Together, we’re continuing to build the most open and inclusive movement in Canadian politics – and connecting with our neighbours and communities is essential on the road to the next election campaign in 2019.  With leadership that brings Canadians together, the Liberal government has cut taxes for 9 million middle class Canadians, offered real help for Canadian families with the new Canada Child Benefit, and taken important steps to fight climate change, grow our economy, and renew Canada’s engagement in the world. And there’s so much more to do.

The meeting will be held at the High Park Branch of the Toronto Public Library, 228 Roncesvalles Ave, Toronto, ON M6R 2L7, on November 18th at 12:45 PM.

The EDA Board of Directors is often the first point of contact that Canadians will have with the Liberal Party of Canada. Serving on your EDA Board is a great way to develop your skills, to cultivate relationships, and to engage with community leaders – regardless of how much or how little experience you may have with political engagement.

Members of the board will be responsible for engaging Canadians at the grassroots level, hosting events, fundraising, and most importantly, building towards the next federal election.

If you would like to hold a position on the EDA board of directors, you must submit your intent to stand to the National Returning Officer through this Online Form by no later than November 4th at 11:59PM.

The roles that will be filled at this General Meeting are:

Chair Vice-Chair
Secretary Organization Chair
Policy Chair Six (6) Directors-at-Large 

Descriptions for each of these roles are outlined in section 6.1 of the Liberal Party of Canada’s EDA by-law, here. Should you have any questions, please feel free to contact us at, or by phone at 1-888-LIBERAL.

In order to vote, individuals must be registered as a Liberal by no later than November 11th at 11:59PM local time.*

*for an application submitted by an online form via the Liberal Party website. Applications submitted on a paper form shall be considered eligible if the effective date, as determined by By-law 4 – Registered Liberals, is equal to or before the cut-off date for this meeting.


1. Call to Order
2. Approval of Agenda
3. Adoption of the 2016 FLA AGM minutes
4. Remarks from MP
5. Reports:
i. President
ii. Treasurer
iii. Fundraising
iv. Membership
v. Communications
vi. Policy
6. Other reports
7. Election of New Executive
8. Other business
9. Adjournment