Exclusive video: our priorities for 2014

As Justin’s Trudeau’s campaign co-chair, I can tell you that ‘hope and hard work’ isn’t just a line in a speech — it’s the philosophy behind how we operate as an organization.

I’m committed to that philosophy because the honest truth is that we aren’t going to win without it. The Conservatives will say and do anything to beat us. And if we aren’t doing everything we can to bring change to Canada, they might be successful.

I’ve recorded a special video message with a behind-the-scenes look at our priorities for next year, so you know where we’re headed and what you can do.

Watch my video presentation and then chip in $3, just 75 cents after your tax credit, to make our plan for 2014 a reality.

Katie's video
When we look back after the next election, this chance to out-raise the Conservatives for the first time in a fundraising quarter could be considered the tipping point.

It could end up being the moment we showed Canadians how serious we are about change — and you made it happen.

Give it a shot — watch the video and donate $3 (that’s just 75 cents after your tax credit).


When you do, you’ll automatically be entered for the chance to win dinner with Justin and four guests in your town, as well as one of twelve limited-edition Justin Trudeau scarves.

You could also answer your phone to find Justin is calling you to say thank you for your donation.

Thanks for being a part of this.

Katie Telford

Campaign Co-Chair, Liberal Party of Canada

P.S. We also accept donations by phone at 1-888-542-3725, Mon-Sun, 9am to 7pm ET (if the line is busy, please try again).