Final debate before Election Day: Justin Trudeau presents a strong plan to move forward

Gatineau, QC – Tonight, the Leader of the Liberal Party of Canada, Justin Trudeau, showed once again that the Liberals are the only party with a credible plan for the environment, the economy, and middle-class families.

“What we saw in 2015 was that Quebecers and Canadians chose to be part of a government. That’s what ended Mr. Harper’s 10 years of not investing in culture and cutting everywhere, said the leader of the Liberal Party of Canada, Justin Trudeau, during the debate. We will always stand up for our values ​​and principles, such as the right of women to choose and the rights of Francophones across Canada. That’s what we will always do.”

Once again, the debate made it clear that Andrew Scheer is completely disconnected from the reality of Quebecers and Francophone communities across the country. His divisive policies and negative tone offer nothing concrete for young people, middle-class families, and seniors. We know that the Conservatives’ phantom platform will give $50,000 in tax credits to millionaires, but with only a few days left until the election, we still don’t know which services they will cut.

Just like we’ve done for the last four years, the Liberal Party is choosing to invest in middle-class families by putting even more money back in their pockets, whether by cutting their taxes or lowering their cell phone bills.

Justin Trudeau also took the opportunity to remind Canadians that the Liberal Party is the only one with a credible plan to fight climate change while creating good jobs — from planting two billion trees, to helping Canadians retrofit their homes to make them more energy-efficient.

Finally, Justin Trudeau reaffirmed that a diverse and open Canada is a stronger Canada. Newcomers grow our economy, strengthen our communities, and help reduce labour shortages.

“In a few days, Quebecers — and all Canadians — will have a choice to make about the future of our country,” said Justin Trudeau. “If the environment, the rising cost of living, and gun control matter to you, the Liberal Party is the party that will deliver. It’s by electing people to government — not to the opposition benches — that we can make progress. On October 21, let’s pull together and continue to move forward.”