Harper Cabinet Shuffle Keeps Power Concentrated in PMO

OTTAWA– The Leader of the Liberal Party of Canada, Justin Trudeau, made the following statement today on the Conservatives’ Cabinet shuffle:

“Today’s Cabinet shuffle will not provide Canadians with the real change they want to see. It is clear that the only Minister who has any power in this government is the Prime Minister. Today’s shuffle does not change that.

Canadians elected Members of Parliament to represent their views in Ottawa, but under the Harper Conservatives, they have had Ottawa’s views imposed on them.

Mr. Harper is clearly satisfied with his government’s performance. We are not. We think that the worst record on economic growth since the 1930s is nothing to be happy about. Canadians deserve better.

The Liberal Party of Canada believes in making Parliament more democratic and more representative of Canadians. That is why during the leadership campaign I put forward a comprehensive democratic reform package, and why we recently introduced our ‘Open Parliament’ plan that will bring increased accountability and transparency to Parliament. Our proposals will lessen the power concentrated in the hands of the Prime Minister and his unelected advisors, and put it back where it belongs: in the hands of the people’s representatives.

Unlike Mr. Harper and his government, I will continue to reach out and meet with Canadians as we work together to raise the bar on openness and transparency, restore the strength of the middle class and bring real, positive change to Canada.”