2019 English-language Leaders Debate

Tonight, Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau presented to Canadians his plan to continue investing in our middle class, grow the economy, and protect the environment. Here is what some people are saying about tonight’s debate:

Quotations are included in their original language

HOST: T“So let’s talk, very quickly, who won this debate? Who impressed you the most?” TOM MULCAIR: “I think that clearly Justin Trudeau, once again, because nobody was able to score a knockout, comes ahead on points.”Tom Mulcair, CTV News, 7 October, 2019”

“Trudeau has managed to avoid becoming the centre of attacks tonight which is very interesting.”Mercedes Stephenson (Global), Twitter, 7 October 2019

“@JustinTrudeau gets to outline some of his biggest accomplishments on bringing 900 000 people out of poverty and creates over a million jobs.”Evan Solomon (CTV), Twitter, October 7, 2019

“Trudeau coming out strong. On Bernier: “You say publicly what Scheer thinks privately.” Say what you will about Trudeau but he just accurately described the right in this country in one sentence.”Samantha Emann (Hamilton Spectator), Twitter, October 7, 2019

“Trudeau réussit à lancer une barbe à Scheer en parlant à Bernier: Vous dites tout haut ce que M. Scheer dit tout bas.”Christopher G. Nardi (Journal de Montréal), Twitter, 7 octobre, 2019

« J’ai eu l’impression que [Trudeau] était plus précis dans ses réponses aussi. On avait plus de détails sur ses intentions et son bilan. »Geneviève Tellier (professeure, Université d’Ottawa), RDI, 7 octobre 2019

“Trudeau makes a good point here, Singh still not addressing Bill 21.” Ben o’Hara-Byrne, CHEK TV, Twitter, October 7, 2019

« Trudeau répond que comme premier ministre, il faut défendre les emplois. Il attaque Scheer en disant qu’il n’a pas déposé de plateforme et qu’il veut faire des compressions comme Doug Ford. »Philippe-Vincent Foisy (Radio-Canada), Twitter, 7 octobre, 2019

« Blanchet qui utilise le segment sur les affaires autochtones pour parler juste du Québec. Pas fort. On en a aussi au Québec, des Premières nations. »Mathieu Charlebois (L’Actualité), Twitter, 2 octobre, 2019

“Bernier asks if Scheer thinks he could impose [a] pipeline through Quebec, even if the province doesn’t want it. Bernier says he would impose it, and Scheer doesn’t have the courage to say that too.”Alex Ballingall (Toronto Star), Twitter, October 7, 2019

“Shameless of Scheer to call PM “phony” and a “fraud” when he kept his dual passport a secret until forced to acknowledge.”Damien Cox (Toronto Star), Twitter, October 7, 2019

“Scheer says that he would pay for his tax cuts and credits by cutting foreign aid and ending (some) corporate welfare. That’s misleading. Those two savings equal ~$3 billion a year. Scheer’s proposed income tax cut alone costs ~$6 billion a year.”Alex Boutilier (Toronto Star), Twitter, October 7, 2019

“Claim: Trudeau says “We eliminated 87 long-term boil-water advisories in Indigenous communities and are on schedule to lift all that remain.” Verdict: True (to date). There were 105 long-term boil-water advisories on reserves when Trudeau took office. According to Indigenous Services Canada, as of Sept. 3, 2019, 87 have been eliminated. Budget 2019 provided $739 million over five years, and said it was on track to eliminate all by 2019.”Hadyn Watters, CBC, October 7, 2019

“#AndrewScheer looks angry (…) it looks bad.”Michael Coren, Journalist, Twitter, October 7, 2019

« Vérif: la pauvreté a bel et bien reculé chez les enfants canadiens, et la prestation libérale a aidé selon l’économiste Pierre Fortin. »Paul Journet (La Presse), Twitter, 7 octobre, 2019

“Climate has brought out the most passionate version of Trudeau and is driving his clearest line of the night: that it’s between him and Scheer. That’s where the Liberals are putting their chips.”Aaron Wherry (CBC), Twitter, October 7, 2019