Justin Trudeau to introduce Transparency Act in House of Commons

OTTAWA – Today in the House of Commons, Liberal Party of Canada Leader Justin Trudeau will introduce the Transparency Act, legislation that will raise the bar on openness and transparency in government.

“Today I am pleased to be introducing the Transparency Act, which will offer tangible ideas to improve openness not only in Parliament, but in our government,” said Mr. Trudeau. “A year ago our Caucus put forward our Open Parliament Plan, which led to all-party agreement on the proactive disclosure of parliamentary expenses, and today’s initiative is the latest step to increase transparency and accountability in our government.”

The objectives that we want to achieve include ending the secret nature of the House of Commons’ Board of Internal Economy and entrenching in law that all government information must be made both ‘open by default’ and available in formats that are relevant and functional in 2014. We want a government that is more open after a thorough review and modernization of the entire Access to Information system; the elimination of all fees beyond the initial $5 Access to Information request fee, which should be refunded in the event of delay; and for the Information Commissioner’s mandate to be strengthened by giving her the power to enforce information laws.

“The Transparency Act will continue the leadership we have demonstrated by proactively disclosing MPs’ expenses and by taking concrete action to reduce partisanship and patronage in the Senate,” said Mr. Trudeau. “This bill will build on these positive steps, and I will consult with Canadians on the Transparency Act as I travel across the country this summer. I look forward to sharing elements and the specific text of my bill with Parliamentarians this afternoon. I am convinced that by working together, we can achieve all-party consensus to pass this bill that will raise the bar on openness and transparency for all Canadians.”



Additional information on the objectives for the Transparency Act may be viewed here.