Leader’s Circle

The Liberal Party of Canada has developed an important new program called the Leader’s Circle, designed to recognize people who have committed to raising funds on behalf of the Party.

Leader’s Circle members play an essential role in the mission to grow the Liberal movement and promote Liberal values across the country.

To become a member of the Leader’s Circle, you must recruit a minimum of 10 Laurier Club donors to the Party on an annual basis. Recruitment includes first time LC donors or lapsed at least 12 months. It includes LC donors signed up through events.

It is the responsibility of each Leader’s Circle member to ensure the Party is informed of sign-ups and referrals.

Recognition Opportunities

Leader’s Circle members can look forward to a variety of recognition opportunities including an annual dinner with the Leader and invitations to events and discussions with leaders within the Party.
Top Leader’s Circle members will be recognized within the program and the Party.

Be part of the Leader’s Circle

If you are interested in playing a vital role in the Liberal Party of Canada’s future success by becoming a Leader’s Circle member, please contact our Laurier Club Manager, Nan Wehbe to discuss the program details. Nan can be reached at 613-783-8406 or via email at nwehbe@liberal.ca.