Liberal Statement on International Women’s Day

OTTAWA – Liberal Status of Women Critic, Kirsty Duncan, made the following statement today on International Women’s Day:

“Today, as Canadians from across the country join together in celebration of International Women’s Day – and this year’s theme, “Equality for women is progress for all” – it is important to recognize the historic struggles that women have overcome, and the many political, social, and economic contributions women make to enrich Canada and the world.

“Canada currently ranks an embarrassing 20th among 133 countries regarding the gender gap, 42nd in female Parliamentary representation, and a shocking 49th on health and survival.

“To make Canada a more gender-equitable country, we must have more women engaging in public life to address the lack of justice in the institutions that formulate laws and programs affecting women’s lives, especially concerning issues such as childcare, family violence, health and environment, and pay equity.”

The Liberal Women’s Caucus Chair, Dr. Carolyn Bennett, continued:

“We, in the Liberal Party of Canada, are committed to the promotion of gender equality and the development of a strong, inclusive society for all. While the number of Canadian executive and political roles filled by women has risen in recent years, a vast under-representation of women in top positions remains the reality.

“Today especially, as we celebrate the accomplishments of women and the bright futures ahead for younger generations, I hope that Canadians also reflect on the ongoing tragedy of missing and murdered Indigenous women and girls and recommit to working towards a solution. The Liberal Party of Canada is committed to striving for full gender equality in Canada and around the world, and to addressing the tragic gaps in Indigenous health, security, and standards of living.

“By celebrating International Women’s Day, we are able to highlight the injustices still faced by women and girls, while also reflecting on those women who have embraced leadership roles and made a difference in the world.”