Liberal supporters achieve new Q3 fundraising record

Ottawa, ON – With less than one year until the 2019 federal election campaign, the Liberal Party of Canada’s supporters across the country are breaking new records for grassroots fundraising. The Liberal Party has achieved its best-ever third quarter for grassroots fundraising outside of an election year, with more than 33,000 Canadians contributing $3,761,601 to support Justin Trudeau and the Liberal team’s plan to strengthen the middle class.

“As we count down to the next election, Canada’s Liberal movement is stepping up with our strongest-ever third quarter for grassroots fundraising outside of a campaign,” said Suzanne Cowan, President of the Liberal Party of Canada. “While Andrew Scheer’s Conservatives are doubling down on the same negative and divisive politics that we saw from Stephen Harper, Canadians are showing support for Justin Trudeau’s positive progress to strengthen our middle class, grow our economy, and make life better for Canadian families.”

The median donation to the Liberal Party in Q3 was just $10 at a time, and 96 percent of all donations were under $200. There are also now more active monthly grassroots donors to the Liberal Party of Canada than at any other time in the party’s history.

Recent filings with Elections Canada have also highlighted that Liberal supporters are getting far more value for their donations than Conservatives. The 2017 annual returns filed posted this summer show that the Conservative Party spent $7,189,100 on fundraising expenses throughout last year while the Liberal Party spent just $2,702,363.

Q3 filings from all parties will be available on Elections Canada’s website at

This summer also saw Liberal teams across Canada launch the party’s largest-ever volunteer mobilization outside of an election, with Liberal volunteers organizing 579 “Summer of Action” engagement events across Canada in July and August alone – starting hundreds of thousands of new conversations with Canadians. More than 134,000 Canadians have registered as new Liberals in the last two years alone, and that grassroots support is continuing to grow every day.