Liberal supporters achieve record-setting Q2 fundraising results

Ottawa, ON – The Liberal Party of Canada is heading into this fall’s election campaign supported by its best-ever second quarter for grassroots fundraising results, with more than 41,500 Canadians contributing $5,033,998 to support Justin Trudeau and the Liberal team’s progress to invest in the middle class.

A record-breaking Q2 builds on grassroots Liberals also recently achieving the party’s best-ever Q3 and Q4 fundraising results outside of an election campaign, and each of the last five months has set a new monthly best. The median donation to the Liberal Party in Q2 was just $15 at a time, and 95 percent of all donations were under $200.

“Liberals are starting this important election campaign with new records for grassroots fundraising and incredible hope and hard work by volunteers in communities across Canada,” said Suzanne Cowan, President of the Liberal Party of Canada. “As we head to the polls this fall, Canadians will have a clear choice. While Conservatives want to go backward with divisive politics and cuts to vital services that families rely on, Liberals are focused on moving forward with our positive plan to invest in the middle class.”

Filings with Elections Canada also continue to highlight that Liberal supporters are getting far more value for their donations than Conservatives. Annual returns since the last campaign show that the Conservative Party spent $22,519,872 on fundraising expenses throughout 2016-2018, while the Liberal Party spent just $9,254,606.

The Liberal Party was also the first and only party to move forward with the strongest standards in federal politics for open and transparent political fundraising events. This is in clear contrast to the Conservative Party and the NDP, who have continued to bar journalists and keep Canadians in the dark about what is being said behind closed doors.

Throughout this mandate, local Liberal riding associations have also continued to outraise their Conservative counterparts by as much as 3-to-1.