Liberals Reaching Out to Canadians on Temporary Foreign Worker Program

OTTAWA – Liberal Critic for Citizenship, Immigration, and Multiculturalism, John McCallum, is launching a national fact-finding tour this month to hear first-hand from Canadians about the impact of the Temporary Foreign Worker Program.

“Canadians continue to learn of abuses resulting from the Conservatives’ mismanagement of the Temporary Foreign Worker Program. That’s why Liberals are reaching out to Canadians as part of a fact-finding tour to hear their stories,” said Mr. McCallum. “The program, intended to fill genuine labour shortages in various Canadian industries, has instead resulted in hard-working Canadians being passed over for jobs.”

Mr. McCallum is set to begin his tour in Ontario and Quebec beginning May 21, 2014, and he will hold roundtable discussions with various business and industry leaders, as well as Canadian and foreign workers who have had direct experience with the program. The focus will be on gathering on-the-ground information about the impact of the program on families and communities.

“The Temporary Foreign Worker Program is broken, and Liberals have been calling on the government to scale back the program and implement significant reforms,” said Mr. McCallum. “Liberals are committed to finding out first-hand how hard-working Canadians have been affected by the abuse of this government program.”