Liberals Unveil Co-Chairs of International Affairs Council of Advisors

OTTAWA– Following yesterday’s announcement about the new Economic Council of Advisors, Liberal Party of Canada Leader Justin Trudeau today unveiled the co-chairs of the Liberal International Affairs Council of Advisors.

“I am pleased to announce today that Lieutenant-General (retired) Andrew Leslie and Liberal Foreign Affairs Critic, Marc Garneau, have agreed to lead our new International Affairs Council of Advisors,” said Mr. Trudeau. “While the Prime Minister is avoiding accountability, Liberals are back in Ottawa tackling the big issues we face as a country, including our economy and our role in the world.”

The International Affairs Council of Advisors will contribute to the Liberals’ policy and electoral platform development, ensuring that the views of Canadians and leading experts in the area are heard. Lieutenant-General Leslie, the Canadian Forces’ former Chief of Transformation and Chief of the Land Staff, the Commander of the Canadian Army, will bring unmatched expertise and insight into his role as co-chair, drawing on decades of global leadership with the United Nations and the Canadian Forces.

“The positive and constructive role Canada once played on the world stage has been undermined by the Harper Conservatives, and the Liberal Party of Canada is committed to seeing it restored,” said Mr. Trudeau. “I am thrilled Lieutenant-General Leslie and Mr. Garneau, two eminent Canadians, have agreed to assist us in in this endeavour, and to support our commitment to putting forward comprehensive policy and solutions.”