Meaningful representation: Parliament & electoral reform

A proud legacy of change.

Canada has always been a progressive nation open to bold new ideas. Our Parliament has produced cornerstones of our Canadian identity such as enshrining our Charter of Rights and Freedoms and creating our public health care system.

Change for the worse.

Stephen Harper’s secretive regime is now blocking Canadians from knowing what happens in committees and even provides misleading information to Canadians and to Parliament.

Liberals stand for open, fair, and strong democratic representation.

The Liberal Party of Canada believes that Parliament should belong to the people instead of the Prime Minister. Liberals are committed to exploring Parliamentary and Electoral reform in order to realign our institutions with democratic principles and to ensure more meaningful and effective representation.

Ending partisanship and patronage in the Senate.

On January 29, 2014, Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau released all 32 Liberal Senators from their partisan responsibilities, making them Independent Senators. As a result, only elected Members of the House of Commons will serve as members of the Liberal Caucus. He also committed to appointing independent senators only, through an open, transparent and public process for appointing and confirming Senators.

This statement is inspired by policy resolutions submitted and voted on by Party members. 2012 Resolution References: ON-19, ON-21, SK-79, SLC-90