Mulcair cannot deliver on seniors’ health care promise

VANCOUVER – This morning, Thomas Mulcair made a $1.8-billion health care promise that he knows he cannot keep.

 “By adopting Stephen Harper’s budget and rushing to eliminate the deficit in just six months, Mulcair can’t possibly deliver on new funding for seniors’ health care,” said Liberal candidate for Vancouver Centre, Dr. Hedy Fry. “He will have to break his promise and impose cuts.”

 Mulcair has already backed off his health care spending promises:

 “NDP Leader Tom Mulcair is backing away from his pledge to restore up to $36 billion in provincial health care transfers as he vows to pay for other pricey campaign commitments within a balanced budget.” (Canadian Press, August 27, 2015)

 “Thomas Mulcair talks a good game but there’s no substance behind it. His political experience has taught him to play politics with everything,” said Dr. Fry. “This election is a choice between investment in our economy and communities, or Harper’s and Mulcair’s cuts and broken promises. Thomas Mulcair has made the wrong choice.”