National Volunteer Week – Stories from the campaign

On National Volunteer Week, we asked our Liberal volunteers to share their stories from the campaign as a way to say thank you for all of their hard work and dedication.

National Volunteer Week: Photo 1

"Volunteering for the Liberal Party in the last Federal election was one of the most amazing and rewarding volunteering experiences I've ever had. I was able to have conversations with hundreds of Canadians at their door, and meet some bright people that became friends and family to me. It was simply a once in a lifetime opportunity to make history for our country." Kevin Noguera Volunteered for Rob Oliphant

National Volunteer Week: Photo 2

"Being one of the youngest volunteers in my riding was hard, but I learned a lot from the older volunteers. Their passion for winning the riding and for Jane is what kept me enthusiastic throughout the campaign. Volunteering helped me find a passion for politics and getting other youth in my community engaged is what drove me. I would do it all over again in a heartbeat!" Cailey Dyer Volunteered for Jane Philpott

National Volunteer Week: Photo 3

"I am very happy that I joined Nadine with all my energy. Meeting and listening to citizens taught me a lot and motivated me. This experience reinforced my passion for politics." Julien Kakpovi Volunteered for Nadine Medawar

National Volunteer Week: Photo 4

"What I loved was meeting all the different people with one purpose! We had a humming, friendly office with music, food and fun but we were hardworking too - to support Raj!" Kathryn Zador Volunteered for Raj Saini

National Volunteer Week: Photo 5

"Throughout the summer, I was part of a team that I now call family, comprised of young and old who were motivated by a single, simple idea: making our community members believe that they can make a difference. This campaign made me understand that politics is not about age, it is about hope and motivation. It’s about the will to make your community come together and to fight for a common belief: that better is always possible." Raphaël Beauchamp Volunteered for Peter Schiefke

National Volunteer Week: Photo 6

"I emigrated from Syria 22 years ago, where people can't vote freely if at all, so I always felt it a privilege to be involved in a democratic election process. I volunteered not only to build strong connections within my community but also to exercise my free will." Rouba Al-Fattal Volunteered for Karen McCrimmon

National Volunteer Week: Photo 7

"Ever since August 2015 I have been volunteering and working to make a better Canada, and with the help of the Liberal party, I feel I have succeeded. I’ve made friendships that will last a lifetime and have gained excellent experience for when I pursue my career in Politics." Dawn Mullaney Volunteered for Cindy Derkaz