New Liberal ad: Let’s Choose Forward

Whitby, ON — Today, the Liberal Party of Canada released a new ad aimed at stopping Conservative cuts to services Canadians rely on and electing a progressive Government.

“This election isn’t about me,” says Justin Trudeau, Leader of the Liberal Party, in the new ad. “This election is about you.”

A re-elected Liberal government will:

  • Make life more affordable;
  • Fight climate change; and
  • Get guns off our streets.

After weeks of stalling, on a Friday before a long-weekend, Andrew Scheer revealed his Conservative plan to take us back to the politics of the Harper years. As Prime Minister, Andrew Scheer would:

  • Rip up the first and only national climate plan Canada has ever had;Give a $50,000 tax cut to millionaires;
  • Weaken gun laws; and
  • Make $53 billion in cuts — four times larger than Doug Ford’s cuts in Ontario.

The choice couldn’t be more clear. Only Liberals can stop Andrew Scheer’s massive cuts. Canada needs a progressive government — not a progressive opposition.

“This is your country and your choice,” continues Mr. Trudeau in the ad. “Let’s stop Conservative cuts, and let’s choose forward.”

New Liberal Ad: Forward