New Liberal ads: Liberals to give more support to seniors and retirees

Toronto, ON — Today, the Liberal Party of Canada released a new set of ads reminding Canadians that when the Conservatives were last in office, they made life harder for seniors and older Canadians looking forward to retirement.

When Stephen Harper’s Conservatives raised the age of retirement, it took thousands of dollars away from seniors — forcing them to work longer, and preventing them from spending time with their families. Andrew Scheer’s Conservatives are the same. He voted against lowering the age of retirement back to 65, and his party pledged to reverse the changes we made to strengthen the Canada Pension Plan.

“Whenever the Conservatives cut taxes, they cut them for the wealthy — and in this election, it’s no different,” says Leader of the Liberal Party, Justin Trudeau, in one of the new ads. “I just don’t think that’s right. I’m for moving forward, for everyone.”

To help older Canadians save more money and retire with confidence, the Liberals have:

  • Lowered the retirement age back to 65;
  • Made the most significant enhancement to the Canada Pension Plan since its creation;
  • Increased Old Age Security and the Guaranteed Income Supplement;
  • Lifted 50,000 seniors out of poverty;
  • Promised to lift another 20,000 seniors out of poverty by increasing Old Age Security again when seniors turn 75; and
  • Promised to give up to $2,080 in additional benefits, every year, to those who’ve lost a loved one by increasing survivor’s benefits.

Along with giving more support to seniors, a re-elected Liberal government will also lower taxes for the middle class and make life more affordable for those who need a break — not for the wealthiest one per cent.

“The Conservative approach gives tax breaks to millionaires,” continues Mr. Trudeau in one of the ads. “We believe in helping those who need it most: middle class Canadians and those working hard to join them.”

New Liberal Ad: Choose Forward — Seniors
New Liberal Ad: Choose Forward — Seniors (Full)