New Video: Scheer Promises Deep Cuts, and Reveals his Plan to Hide Them During the Election

Ottawa, ON – Liberals released a new video today revealing Andrew Scheer briefed Conservatives about his deep cuts plan at a private meeting, including how he’ll conceal it during the election campaign.


“When it comes making tough decisions and cuts, I do agree that it’s very important. But we also have to be very, very careful how we communicate that to people. We do have to win the next election in 2019 and there are examples when Conservative parties go in and have a very hard-edged tone to it. We can make the case for spending cuts, absolutely.”

(Andrew Scheer, Conservative Leadership Candidate Meeting, Sherwood Park-Fort Saskatchewan, Alberta, September 7, 2016)

“Andrew Scheer is committed to austerity and cuts, and he is purposely downplaying his cuts plan in order to get elected. Scheer said so to Conservatives at a private event,” said Liberal MP Bill Morneau. “Scheer’s plan to downplay his plan for deep cuts won’t work because Canadians know that Conservatives say they’re for the people, then they cut taxes for the wealthy and cut services for everybody else.”

“What Andrew Scheer is saying in this video is exactly what Doug Ford did. Ford said one thing during the election, then made cuts to schools, libraries, public health agencies, and francophone services,” said Morneau. “Scheer has promised the same timelines for cuts as Doug Ford did: five years. Scheer just wont talk about it until after the election.”