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Thanks a Million, Bob!

Posted by Ralph Goodale on January 19, 2013 | No Comments

As Liberals prepare for the leadership vote in April, we all have a million reasons to thank Bob Rae.

He stepped up when our party needed him and put his reputation on the line. He put his many skills and tireless efforts into rebuilding our party. Long hours and endless travel and all of it willingly endured with his typical cheerful, self-effacing nature.

And he’s delivered – ensuring our caucus punched well above our relative size in Parliament at a time when so many pundits were ready to write us off.

He did it all because he wanted to see a better Canada – one with a government that truly reflects your values. He did it because he knows Canada needs a vibrant, inclusive Liberal Party active in every part of this country.

Bob’s driving desire has been to make our party battle-ready – to turn over to the new leader a strong, well-resourced party ready to fight the next election.

The best gift of thanks we can give Bob is to help him finish the job. I hope I can count on you to join me in demonstrating to Bob how much we appreciate everything he has done.

Today, we are launching the “Thanks a Million, Bob” campaign. Over the next three months we will be conducting a special fundraising effort in Bob’s name so he will be able to present the new leader – on day one – a big cheque to ensure he or she has the resources needed to make a strong start with a well-financed Liberal Party of Canada.

As you may have guessed from the name, our ambitious goal is to raise at least $1 million for the party as our gift to Bob. Money that can be put to work immediately – nationally, in our ridings and our provincial and territorial associations. Resources that are vitally needed especially at a time when public subsidies are being eliminated.

If you haven’t already maxed out your national and riding donations, please join us and make a special gift as your thanks to Bob Rae for a job well done. After your political tax credit, a donation of $10.00 will only cost you $2.50.

Maybe you would be willing to join the Victory Fund and dedicate your gift to Bob to a particular riding. Or, if you are already a Victory Fund donor, perhaps you could recruit a friend to sign up as a special tribute to Bob.

Perhaps this is the year that you join the Laurier Club in Bob’s honor and become one of the party’s top sustaining donors. If you donate monthly, after your tax credit, your donation will only cost you $48 a month.

I hope you can attend one of the many local “Thanks a Million, Bob” events that will be taking place in the months to come and tell Bob in person how much you appreciate all he has done.

Perhaps you are even willing to plan a local fundraiser in Bob’s name. Every effort, big or small is appreciated.

As Bob has demonstrated when we rally together amazing things will happen.

I hope I can count on you to join our campaign and add your name to the long list of Liberals everywhere who want to pay tribute to Bob Rae for a tremendous job. Join us in making a tangible expression of gratitude and help us loudly declare “Thanks a Million, Bob!”

Ralph Goodale
Deputy Leader, Liberal Party of Canada

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Thanks a Million, Bob! »

January 19, 2013

Thanks a Million, Bob! »

January 19, 2013

Thanks a Million, Bob! »

January 19, 2013

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  1. Avatar of Carmine A Lemma Carmine A Lemma said on

    Minus the funds to make a financial contribution, from the lack of long term and full time employment in the current job market, my thanks to Mr. Rae will be limited to a very kind thank you – to you, Mr. Rae, and to the numerous other Liberals that stood up to be counted at a time, as mentioned here, “when so many pundits were ready to write us off.” Your tireless, conscientious, and heartfelt approach is one of the very reasons why I am happy to have joined the Liberal Party of Canada.

    Thank you again,
    Carmine Lemma

  2. Avatar of Mary MacLeod-Leigh Mary MacLeod-Leigh said on

    I am happy to take this oppotunity to that a man who has devoted his life to improving the lives of all canadians.
    Bob has never backed down from a fight but has also never lowered himself to the mudslinging that is all to common in Ottawa today.
    I am sure the new leader, whoever s/he is will seek your experience and wisdom in becoming someone our party and the country will be proud of.
    And yes, I am happy to give to the thanks a million campaign.

  3. Avatar of Gregg Guptill Gregg Guptill said on

    All Canadians can be proud of Bob Rae.

    Bob is the guy who ‘stepped up’ – not just for Liberals – but for the entire country when it mattered the most -and- during a time when many would have ‘ducked.’

    Though he did not step up to earn praise, Bob’s dedication and tireless efforts have elevated him in the minds of most Canadians to a plateau that few ever reach.

    Bob Rae will go down in Canadian history as one of the ‘great leaders of his day’ – perhaps the greatest leader of the 21st Century, to date.

    Hats off to you Bob … JOB WELL DONE!

  4. Avatar of Jarek Walter Jarek Walter said on

    I promised myself – no more contribution to LPC as long as new members are not welcome in my riding association. Seems that only those who actively supported our ex-MP in previous elections were endorsed and personally nominated by our ex-MP during our last AGM (December of 2012). All others were excluded.
    I’m sorry Bob but it looks looks to me that it was not possible (based on my experience) to ensure renewal on EDA level.
    Your contribution to Canadian politics was enormous (and I hope you continue to be involved providing support to our new Leader). Thank you very much for this.

  5. Avatar of Pat McGrail Pat McGrail said on

    Bob, you have been a shining beacon of integrity as a member of the LPC. You have also provided inspiration and hope for the more progressive elements. Thank-you for your valuable contribution to not only the LPC, but to the public.

    I look forward to your input on electoral reform as the LPC rebuilds towards the 2015 election.

  6. Avatar of Mary Fernando Mary Fernando said on

    Bob Rae you are one of the finest political talents we have in Canada. Brains and compassion in equal mix.

    I thank you so much for all you have done not just for the Liberal Party, but for Canada. As my Mamma pointed out-you are one of the few really nice people left in politics. I think for her and many others that means that they are optimistic about politics in Canada because of your work.


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