No Leprechaun’s Jest…

Sweet rhymes for spring time! From LPC to you, thanks for everything you do!

St-Patrick's Day is a grand celebration,
For Irish Canadians of every generation.
With the return of spring,
All gather, dance, and sing.
We'll tolerate division no longer,
Because diversity makes us stronger.

Supporters like you have the final say,
On the success of our movement, every day.
By engaging in positive politics,
And rejecting the Tories' same old tricks,
Liberals are working to better our nation,
But, it all depends on your donation.

By contributing today,
You are paving the way.
For a victory in 2019,
For a future, green and clean,
For a Canada, equal and just,
And a government we can trust.

Chip in now to re-elect Justin Trudeau,
And help our Liberal movement grow!

We wish you all the best,
And that's no Leprechaun's jest.
From LPC to you,
Thanks for everything you do!


Liberal Party of Canada