Policy Resolution 111

111. Priority Resolution: Resilient Communities in Canada’s North

WHEREAS northern Canada is a unique and special place;

WHEREAS northern Canada has unique, special and significant contributions to all of Canada;

WHEREAS northern Canada includes the three territories and northern regions of the provinces;

WHEREAS northern communities have strong social and cultural capital which has enabled them to be resilient and manage risk;

WHEREAS there are a number of extreme challenges facing northern communities – such as climate change, lack of community infrastructure and quality housing, remoteness, isolation, affordable connectivity, resource development, the legacies of past federal government policies and socio-economic challenges;

WHEREAS the Liberal Party of Canada supports northern security and economic development as referenced in the Northern Economic Vulnerability Policy;

WHEREAS these extreme challenges threaten the security and resiliency of our northern communities;

WHEREAS community resilience in the north is established from the bottom up and relies on social and cultural capital;

BE IT RESOLVED THAT a Liberal Government will work with northern communities, northern leaders, policy makers and professionals to build on the inherent resiliency of northern communities to increase local capacity to adapt and thrive in the context of Canada’s changing north.

Liberal Party of Canada (Yukon)