Policy Resolution 160

160: RCMP Oversight

WHEREAS the RCMP hold a unique and iconic role within the Canadian psyche; and

WHEREAS sexual harassment and bullying has been documented and ongoing issue within the RCMP; and

WHEREAS the evidence indicates that the Bill C-42 will not address the root causes of harassment and bullying within the culture of the RCMP; and

WHEREAS systemic harassment and bullying within major municipal police forces has been consistently and effectively combatted through the use of arms-length public police commissions and dispute resolution mechanisms;

BE IT RESOLVED that the Government of Canada establish an independent police commission made of up qualified members of the public, 50% of whom are women;

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVES that this body be given the task of establishing the policies and procedures necessary to launch and operate an arms-length dispute resolution mechanism with a mandate of combatting sexual harassment and bullying within the RCMP and that this mandate include the establishment of specific hearing and disciplinary measures designed to punish offenders found to be guilty of sexual harassment and bullying;

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that this body and process exist outside of the formal RCMP chain of command and that the body should be answerable to an appropriate authority other than the Commissioner or any other person under the authority of the Commissioner of the RCMP.


Liberal Party of Canada (Northwest Territories)