Policy Resolution 33

33. A Social Covenant with Canadian Veterans

WHEREAS, successive generations of Canadians have served their country honourably as members of the Canadian Armed Forces;

WHEREAS, service in the Canadian Armed Forces requires members to make a personal commitment to put their lives on the line on behalf of their fellow citizens, and to risk their lives anywhere in the world that the nation deems it appropriate that they do so;

WHAREAS, the burden associated with military service is not only borne by those in the Canadian military, but also by their families, who make untold sacrifices to help ensure the success of Canadian Armed Forces missions;

WHEREAS, the Conservative government’s approach to veterans’ policy demonstrates an utter disregard for our country’s social covenant with those who serve in the military, particularly through its aggressive funding cuts to the supports and services that veterans need;

BE IT RESOLVED THAT a future Liberal government will uphold the principles of this social covenant in its defence and veterans policies, and will live up to our country’s sacred obligation to care for veterans and their families throughout their lives by allowing them to maintain a quality of life that is worthy of the sacrifices that they have made for Canada;

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED THAT a future Liberal government will introduce legislation to strengthen the New Veterans Charter to reflect this commitment.

Liberal Caucus