2015 Platform

Bill C-51

We will repeal the problematic elements of Bill C-51, and introduce new legislation that better balances our collective security with our rights and freedoms.

Canadians know that in Canada, we can both improve our security while protecting our rights and freedoms.
We will introduce new legislation that will, among other measures:

  • guarantee that all Canadian Security Intelligence Service warrants respect the Charter of Rights and Freedoms;
  • establish an all-party national security oversight committee;
  • ensure that Canadians are not limited from lawful protests and advocacy;
  • require that government review all appeals by Canadians on the no-fly list;
  • narrow overly broad definitions, such as defining “terrorist propaganda” more clearly;
  • limit Communications Security Establishment’s powers by requiring a warrant to engage in the surveillance of Canadians;
  • require a statutory review of the full Anti-Terrorism Act after three years; and
  • prioritize community outreach and counter-radicalization, by creating the Office of the Community Outreach and Counter-radicalization Coordinator.

As this legislation is tabled in Parliament, we will launch broad public consultations, to engage and seek the input of Canadians and subject-matter experts.

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