2015 Platform

Employment Insurance

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We will fix Employment Insurance to better serve Canadians now, and help boost Canada’s economic growth now and in the long-term.

Employment Insurance provides economic security to Canadians when they need it most. Those who have lost their jobs, through no fault of their own, or are out of work to raise children, provide care for a loved one, or get needed skills training, should not struggle to get the support they need.

We will strengthen the Employment Insurance system to make sure that it works for our economy and for all Canadians.

Starting in 2017, we will reduce the waiting period for benefits. When a worker loses their job and applies for Employment Insurance, they will only be without income for one week, not two.

We will also reverse Stephen Harper’s 2012 EI reforms that force unemployed workers to move away from their communities and take lower-paying jobs.

We will ensure that the Employment Insurance system is providing real income security to workers, including those with precarious work.

Mark is a seasonally employed worker in New Brunswick’s lobster fishery. Under our plan, when his seasonal work comes to an end and he applies for Employment Insurance, he will only lose one week’s worth of income, not two. This will put hundreds of dollars more in his pocket at a time when he needs it most.

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