2015 Platform

First Nations education

We will work with First Nations to make sure that every First Nations child receives a quality education.

It is vital to Canadians’ shared success that we work together to ensure better economic outcomes for First Nations. This starts with education.

Chronic underfunding of the First Nations education system has held First Nations students back: they are behind provincial peers in reading, writing, and numeracy. Today, less than half of students on reserves graduate from high school.

To help close the funding gap and improve outcomes for First Nations students, we will invest new funding each year in core funding for kindergarten through grade 12 programs. This will include money committed by Stephen Harper that has yet to flow, plus an additional $300 million per year in incremental funding, totalling $750 million per year by the end of our first mandate. Over the next four years, this represents a $2.6 billion new investment in helping First Nations students learn and succeed.

We will provide new funding to help Indigenous communities promote and preserve Indigenous languages and cultures.

We will also invest an additional $500 million over the next three years for building and refurbishing First Nations schools.

We will invest $50 million in additional annual funding to the Post-Secondary Student Support Program, which supports Indigenous students attending post-secondary education, ensuring the program will keep up with
growing demand.

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