2015 Platform

Official languages

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We will encourage and promote the use of Canada’s official languages.

Canada’s diversity is its strength. That includes our proud tradition of official bilingualism.

Stephen Harper ignores this diversity by appointing unilingual Anglophones to important positions ranging from the Auditor General to Supreme Court Justices.

We will renew the federal government’s commitment to our official languages by:

  • developing a new official languages plan to support English and French linguistic minorities;
  • ensuring that all federal services be delivered in full compliance with the Official Languages Act;
  • establishing a free, online service for learning and retaining English and French as second languages;
  • reinstating the Court Challenges Program of Canada cut by Stephen Harper; and
  • making new investments to support CBC/Radio-Canada, a vital national institution that brings Canadians together, promotes and defends our two official languages, and supports our shared culture.

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