2015 Platform

Stronger communities

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We will strengthen our communities by investing in the things that make them good places to live.

Investing in our communities is not just about creating good jobs and economic growth. It is also about building communities that we are proud to call home.

With historic new investments in social infrastructure, we will achieve both.

We will improve quality of life for millions of Canadians by prioritizing investment in affordable housing, seniors’ facilities, early learning and child care, and cultural and recreational infrastructure.

We will also work with provinces, territories, and First Nations to create a new National Early Learning and Child Care Framework, to ensure that affordable, high-quality, fully inclusive child care is available to all families who need it.

Over the next decade, we will invest almost $20 billion more in Canada’s social infrastructure.

Toronto’s Alexandra Park is an example of an urban community where investments in social infrastructure are already building a brighter future for its residents. Aging community housing is being replaced with new affordable housing, new commercial spaces, and new parkland – all helping to grow this vibrant neighbourhood and improve the quality of life for all who call it home. With a federal partner at the table, stories like the revitalization of Alexandra Park can happen in communities all across Canada.


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