Supporting caregivers

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We will make the compassionate care benefit easier to access, more flexible, and more inclusive.

Millions of Canadians provide compassionate care for seriously ill family members, but the benefits available through Employment Insurance can be difficult to access.

We will introduce a more flexible and inclusive benefit available to any Canadian who provides care to a seriously ill family member.

This expanded benefit will:

  • be easier to access – applicants will still be expected to submit a medical certificate in order to qualify, but the benefit will be more inclusive;
  • be more flexible – caregivers can claim the benefit in blocks of time over a year-long period, and family members can share the six months of benefits; and
  • be more inclusive – for example, those caring for a seriously ill adult family member who needs care beyond what can be provided during evenings and weekends, or those caring for a seriously ill child who cannot attend school for an extended period of time, will no longer be excluded from the benefit.

This enhanced compassionate care benefit represents an investment of $190 million per year in supporting Canada’s compassionate caregivers.

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