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Hon. Hedy Fry

Hedy Fry is the Member of Parliament for the riding of Vancouver Centre, she is the Chair of Standing Committee on Canadian Heritage, and she is a Member of the Liaison Committee and the Standing Committee on Canadian Heritage. Hedy was first elected Member of Parliament for Vancouver Centre in 1993. She was re-elected for the seventh time in October 2015. Over the past two decades, Dr. Fry has served her government and constituents in a number of capacities. For six years, she was Secretary of State for the Status of Women and Multiculturalism, and a sitting member of cabinet committees including social union, voluntary initiative, homelessness, and modernization of benefits for same sex couples. Dr. Fry served as Parliamentary Secretary to the Minister of Citizenship and Immigration with a Special Emphasis on Foreign Credentials. She also served on committees pertaining to citizenship, health, justice and human rights, and social development. Her priorities include tourism and the burgeoning film industry, promoting our diversity of cultures and peoples, and ensuring the sustainability and empowerment of our expanding urban centers. She is also focused on small business and niche markets (especially regarding the untapped potential of women), science and technology, promoting investment and partnerships in opening up unexploited markets (such as nano and medical biotechnology) and allowing Canada to become a world leader. Prior to her federal election, Dr. Fry was an active member of both the British Columbia and Canadian Medical Associations. She served in numerous capacities including as president, committee chair, and chief negotiator. Ms. Fry lives in Vancouver and has three adult children.

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