Statement: Andrew Scheer would take us back to the Harper years

Ottawa, ON – The following is a statement from Rodger Cuzner, Liberal M.P. for Cape Breton—Canso, ahead of Andrew Scheer’s visit to Nova Scotia today:

“Stephen Harper and Andrew Scheer are political soulmates, and electing Andrew Scheer would be just like electing Stephen Harper.

“Scheer practically grew up with Stephen Harper in the Conservative Party, backing up every decision Harper ever made, and spending eleven years together as a Stephen Harper MP in Ottawa.

“Not only that, but now Andrew Scheer is signing up Stephen Harper’s old candidates to run again in this election across Atlantic Canada.

“Scheer has promised billions of dollars in health care cuts, he’s against increasing the Canada Pension Plan, and he’d make deep cuts to services that seniors and families rely on.

“Scheer didn’t lift a finger when Stephen Harper closed the Veterans Affairs office in Sydney, and it would never have reopened under Scheer or Harper. Alfie MacLeod and Eddie Orrell failed to stop Stephen Harper from closing that office too.

“Cape Breton won’t go back to Stephen Harper’s deep cuts and bad ideas that treated our community so badly.

“Scheer is just another Conservative politician, who campaigns pretending to be for the people, but then cut taxes for the wealthy and slashes services families rely on.”