Statement: Conservative Party Convention

Halifax, NS – The following statement was made by Sean Fraser, Member of Parliament for Central Nova:

Conservatives are arriving in Halifax today as a divided party focused on policies and politics that divide Canadians. Liberals are focused on our positive plan to create new jobs and strengthen our middle class.

Canadians don’t want a return to the Harper decade. But in over a year as leader of the Conservatives, all Andrew Scheer has really done is show Canadians that he wants to do exactly that.

Andrew Scheer has offered no plan to grow the middle class or help Canadian families, offered no plan to confront climate change, and he’s doubled down on Stephen Harper’s playbook of negative and divisive politics. It’s clear that it’s still Stephen Harper’s party.

Justin Trudeau’s positive plan for real change is making a real difference in the lives of families across Canada, with important steps like lower taxes for the middle class and the new Canada Child Benefit, which is providing more money for 9 out of 10 families.

Canadians have created over 600,000 new jobs since 2015, Canada’s unemployment rate is at its lowest in over 40 years, and we have had the fastest-growing economy in the G7.

Real change is working, and we can’t let Andrew Scheer and the Conservatives take us back to the failed policies of Stephen Harper.

Note: MPs Sean Fraser (Central Nova) and Joel Lightbound (Louis-Hébert) are available for comment in Halifax.