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Donate to the Strong Start Campaign

Our generation can inspire Canadians like those before us. But only if we’re ready the moment our next leader is chosen.

That’s why we’ve launched the Strong Start Campaign, a way for you to guarantee your donation goes directly to introducing our next Leader on our terms.

We’ve set an initial goal of raising $100,000 $150,000 for the Strong Start Campaign by midnight this Friday, September 30th, the third financial quarter deadline.

And we’re asking you to donate — and join your fellow supporters, listed below, in standing shoulder-to-shoulder with the next Liberal Leader.

UPDATE: After a surge of grassroots donations, our Strong Start Campaign surpassed the $100,000 threshold. So we’ve set an ambitious new goal of raising an extra $50,000 before midnight tonight. Can you help us reach this goal?

While donating, please write “Yes” in the “Notes” field to give permission to add your name below.

Strong Start Campaign Donors:

(This list will be updated at noon and 6pm ET Mon-Fri. Please note it is not a complete list of campaign donors.)

Eric Goulart
Doug Kelly & Norma MacKellar
Percy Adams
James Bridges
Frank Tawiah
Alan Pollard & Morva Bowman
D. Jones.
Elizabeth Cannings
Richard Saulnier
Michael Livingston
Jeannette Taylor
Bertha Pellerin
Marcel Clement
Barbara Sim
nahida farah
Michelle Duffy
Mary Jo Alyea
Elizabeth Callaghan
Sergiy Mashchenko
Jean Horlor
Kaik Barucha
Marc Chretien
Hollis Peirce
Ken Magnell
Olga Leonenko
Rayleen Nash
Brian Yates
Mohindar Rattan
david maxwell
James Cleghorn
Patricia Evans
Lynn Kitchen
Anca & Constantin Puiu
Steven Allman
Catherine Robinson
Ray Smith
Ron Cameron-Lewis
Karen Kraft Sloan
Robert Sorbonne
Bob Ancheril
Khonrad Eckert
Adityo Sastromuljono
Robert Suprun
Rita Reimer
Josephine Wilkinson
Greg Johansen
Maureen Kristjanson
Paul Kuhn
Bonnie Young
David Bryce
Douglas Taylor
Margaret Haines
james ross
Monica Brewer
Valerie Thompson
John Robinson
Todd Lever
Don Morrison
Suresh & Nutan Bhalla
Madeline von Fersen
John Ayres
Donald Gunn
Joyce Zimmerman
Richard Sams
Richard Powell
John Skears
Matthew Vorstermans
Jennifer Bettiol
Susanne Spence Wilkins
Karen Huff
Agnes Owens
Mary Campbell
Margaret Bryce
Bruce Bohm
brenda ryan
Maria Calderisi
Cathy Peacocke
John Barry Q.C.
Fred Fulton
Rene Gaudreau
Jared Nash
Tannis Killough
Steve Sheridan
Sana Shahram
Lynn Allan
Sergiy Mashchenko
Adam Frost
Donald Maclennan
Tom Stephens
Syd Barton
Nelson Small
Marilyn MacKenzie
Sheila McDermid
Ken Magnell
Maureen Thomas
Mary Leigh
Gerry Fast
Patrick Hamilton
John Rick
lloyd wills
kathy wills
Darwin Witmer
Louise Fischer-Jenssen
Linea Burr
Scott Cameron
Jordan Prince
Stephen McLeish
Stephen Heeney
Ken Miller
Lynne Miller
James Goddard
Jason Stone
Ali Kashani
Terence Hughes
Joe Varchol
David Palumbo
Flora Macquarrie
Emmett Gray
Stewart McGillivray
Helga Pellegrini
Dolores Holm
Guillaume Peltier
Berta Briggs
jason warmington
Kelly White
Anthony Heslenfeld
Jean Eyking
Colleen MacDonald
Kerry Ann Murray
John Miedema
Leslie Edwards
Elizabeth Anez Mostowy
Sylvia Ray
Md. Nizamul Mulk
Douglas MacLeod
James Graham
Rosemarie Sampson
Darren Gallant
Dave Dingee
Darlene Brunet
Jim Milton
Dave Holland
Don Assaf
Jeannette Charbonneau
Eyituoyo Abati
Ralph Burgess
Keith Elliott
Nick Hutton
Marc Bedard
Ernie Bies
Pam LaPalme
Dennis Buckley
Marion Raynes
John Burge
Ruben Benmergui
Scott Colborne
Robert Lasby
Maggie Williams
Vanessa Campbell
George Wallace
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