Syrian refugees: Stephen Harper must not stand in Quebec’s way

Liberal Party of Canada candidates in Quebec welcome the government of Quebec’s initiative to triple the number of refugees fleeing the Syrian civil war that it will accept, and deplore the lack of cooperation provided by Stephen Harper.

“Quebec wants to do its share, but rather than working with the province, Stephen Harper is throwing a wrench in its efforts,” said Liberal candidate in Notre-Dame-de-Grâce—Westmount, Marc Garneau. “Stephen Harper would have us believe that we have to choose between security and welcoming new refugees, but that is not true. Security concerns have never stopped Canada from fully assuming its role on the international stage in the past.”

Mr. Garneau invited Stephen Harper to clarify his position the day after his Ministers, Chris Alexander and Steven Blaney, came out with their contradictory remarks. “On the one hand, Mr. Alexander says that he is prepared to work with Quebec to accelerate the relocation, and on the other hand, Mr. Blaney states that easing immigration rules is out of the question. Who is telling the truth?”

 It is worth noting that the Liberal Party of Canada promised that a Liberal government would promptly welcome 25,000 Syrian refugees, and that its leader, Justin Trudeau, invited the other federal party Leaders to implement a concrete plan to help people who are currently suffering under tragic circumstances.