Trudeau outlines bold vision for strong, united Canada

HAMILTON, ON – Today, Liberal Party of Canada Leader Justin Trudeau was joined by former Prime Minister Jean Chrétien, to share his vision of leadership and national unity for Canada.

 “Canada is a great country and deserves better leadership. After ten long years, we know what we get with Stephen Harper: divisive politics that pits one region of the country against another. I believe that any Prime Minister – or anyone who wants to be Prime Minister – should be ready to fight to keep Canada together, not think of new ways to tear it apart,” said Mr. Trudeau. “Liberals believe in a united Canada that looks forward with a shared purpose; a country that is strong not in spite of our individual differences, but because of them.”

 In Canada, freedom is not just an aspirational value – it is a lived reality that is woven into our national fabric. Today in Hamilton, Ontario, Mr. Trudeau was joined by hundreds of local Liberals and supporters at a rally with the Rt. Hon. Jean Chrétien, who served as Canada’s 20th Prime Minister from 1993 to 2003. Mr. Trudeau spoke about the Liberal plan for real change and creating jobs and growth that work for everyone.

 “As Leader of the Liberal Party of Canada, I have learned that our drive to always move forward – to progress as a people and as a nation – has been because of our openness. We must respect the differences we have, but we must work together to achieve our common goals,” said Mr. Trudeau. “It is time for real change – the kind of change that Mulcair cannot bring because he, like Harper, seeks to divide us. Liberals will continue working hard, together, to build a better Canada.”