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Our volunteer stories


As a young Canadian, I believe our government must do a much better job at addressing issues that will effect our collective future. Climate change is something that can and s…


This is an exciting time to be a volunteer with the Liberal Party of Canada! Justin Trudeau is giving us the inspiration to have the hope and do the hard work that we need to…


I volunteer now for my Liberal Candidate Lori Baldwin-Sands because I see in her the kind of leader I believe can bring change to political leadership in Canada. The values of…


I have been a lifelong Liberal, and have volunteered a couple times in the past, once in Winnipeg and another time in Chilliwack. Was not that involved, but now that I am reti…


Proud to be part of Team Trudeau working with Mark Holland.


I volunteer because I believe in the Liberal Party and all the change that it has brought to Canada in the past. And change is needed in this country.


I’ve been a volunteer since I was 15 and I worked on then Ontario Premier David Peterson’s campaign, since that time I have always done what I can to help the LPC/…


As the Liberal candidate in London West I am constantly impressed and inspired by the dedication of the volunteers on our campaign team. I am surrounded by great Canadians who…


I moved to Ottawa from rural Ontario so I could be closer to the political process. My first priority was to begin volunteering in politics. Luckily for me, MP Larry Bagnell&#…