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Our volunteer stories


I Volunteer because i am a true & proud Liberal for 43 years, & want the best for for our country the people & our family!!


Hi, my name is Tim Goyette. I’m a 17 year old high school student, and I volunteer for Justin Trudeau and my local candidate, Andrew Leslie. I first got involved with th…


I want to volunteer so Canada can have a government that they can be proud of.


I volunteer because I want to be part of the effort that will bring positive change to our Great country. Canada is a land of opportunities and I want to make sure that is say…


I want to be a great volunteer and make a difference in this country.


Canada is a great country, but we can be and do better in Canada and the world. We need a change and I would like to be a part of the change with the Liberal Party of Canada.


I am a Baby Boomer and I have gone through life in this just and fair country called Canada. In the last seven years, I have seen many of the ideals I hold dear, be eroded and…


I feel like we need a Liberal government to balance some of Canada’s current policies on things like the environment, the economy, national security, veterans affairs an…


When I retired from my consulting practice I felt it was time to give back to my country. I chose to work within the Federal Liberal Party to see if I could make a difference …