What They’re Saying: The Canada Child Benefit

Nine out of ten Canadian families are receiving more money than before with the new Canada Child Benefit. Read some of the ways it’s helping real Canadians, just like you:

Lots of you have been letting us know how the Canada Child Benefit is helping your family pay for the high cost of raising your kids. Take a look!

Dusty F.Ardossan, AB“Yes this has made a huge difference for my daughter and son-in-law and two grandchildren. He broke his back a few years ago and is not able to work. The old one may as well not even existed by the time the tax back was calculated. Now they get more money and don't have to pay any of it back in taxes.”

Yannick R.Montréal, QC (translation)“In my case, I belong to the middle class and the Canada Child Benefit is enough to cover a full RESP for my son as well as his clothing and accessories needs!"

Cheryl T.Sudbury, ON“Thank you. As a Registered Nurse, I work alongside Social Services in my community. I see the positive impact this has been to single parents and their children. Anything that helps my fellow Canadians out is a bonus in my mind.”

Rob S.Fort Saskatchewan, AB“My family was failing under the Conservatives. We needed help paying for pretty much everything. Under the Liberals and thanks to their changes to the child tax credits, we now have a chance to climb back to our own two feet.”

Ranjit S. “Thank you Liberals, we see the positive this has made on single parents and low income families. We work with them on a regular basis serving them hot meals, clothes, personal hygiene products. Thank you Liberal Government.”

Catherine K. “Praise God for Canada Child tax benefits! I don't know what I would have done without the benefit . Though I work but I do not have enough hours at work so the benefit helps me a lot in supplementing our financial expenses with three children. Thank you Canada! Thank you Justin Trudeau!"

Jodi A. “This has helped us pay for after school care so I could go back to work and contribute to our family income.”