Your Say Budget 2017: Survey Results

Across every province and territory, over 44,500 Canadians took part in our contribution to the government's budget consultation process – here are the results.

Your Say, Budget 2017 The Liberal Party of Canada is proud to participate in the government’s open and transparent consultation process for Budget 2017. This is our party’s second consecutive budget survey and we’re ready to send the results to the Department of Finance. Have a look -- it’s all about you! Over 44,450 Canadians participated, representing every province and territory -- amazing! From coast to coast to coast to coast --  your top 3 priorities for our government are: Economic growth for middle class families - 51%. Health care 42%. Green communities and climate change 33% We asked: What infrastructure needs can best help meet your priorities locally? Here’s what you’re looking for -- to make life better at home. Investing in next-generation broadband: 6%. Investment in affordable housing: 25%. Investment in clean energy infrastructure: 24%. Investment in public transit: 20%. Investment in roads and bridges: 13%. Building smart cities: 12%. Next we asked which kinds of steps make the economy work for you and your family. Creaitng middle-class jobs by investing in innovation, science and technology. Making education more affordable and accessible. Supporting job and skills training to help Canadians find and keep good jobs. And speaking of education: Here’s what you said is most important support needed for students, youth and new graduates today. The choice was clear across the country and among all age groups: Makinf student debt more manageable: 27%. Access to high quality jobs upon graduation: 23%. Skill training for 21st century careers: 20%. Finally, with an incredible list of Liberal accomplishments so far -- you weighed in on which were most meaningful to you. Many of you made multiple selections -- and 552 of you selected all accomplishments! Cutting taxes for the middle class, with higher taxes for the wealthiest 1%. Improvements to Employment Insurance: 47%. Welcoming 25,000 Syrian refugees to Canada: 41%. Strengthening the Canada Pension Plan: 41%. Investing in better transit, roads, and bridges: 40%. Gender-balanced cabinet: 38%. YES! Because it's 2016.  Launching a National inquiry into missing and murdered indigenous women and girls: 37%. Doubled funding for Canada student grants: 37%. From Masset to Bonavista and Resolute to Calgary -- thank you for weighing in on the issues that are shaping our country today. We’ll be adding your voice to the thousands taking part in our government's open and transparent consultation. Missed adding your voice? You can still take our survey and have your say -- make sure you do! GO!

We're ready to send the Your Say: Budget 2017 consultation survey results to the Department of Finance as part of the government's open consultation process.

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