Important news from the National Office

May 16, 2013

I want to tell you about an important change at our National Office.

After three years of outstanding leadership, National Director Ian McKay has stepped down and we are now seeking a new National Director.

When our Party faced the extraordinary challenge of rebuilding after the 2011 federal election, Ian seized the moment.

He oversaw the organization of a technologically innovative Extraordinary Convention in June 2011 that gave the Party time to rebuild before choosing a new leader.

He then led the team that organized one of the most important and successful gatherings in our Party’s history, the Ottawa 2012 – Liberal Biennial Convention.

And finally, he oversaw the most open and inclusive leadership race in Canadian politics.

Ian McKay’s accomplishments have enabled our Party to bounce back and be where we are today. The National Board of Directors recognizes Ian’s legacy and thanks him for his professionalism, leadership and hard work.

The National Board of Directors is now seeking qualified candidates for the position of National Director. Matt Certosimo, National Membership Secretary and Chair of the Human Resources committee will oversee the process.

Reporting to the President, the National Director works with the National Board of Directors, its committees, the Leader and the Leader’s office, as well as the PTAs and ridings to lead the Party’s strategic process in terms of both planning and execution, ensuring that those entities have the levels of support they require, as the Party further builds and mobilizes a volunteer-driven, campaign-ready, national organization. Working with the Chief Revenue Officer and the President, the National Director also oversees the fundraising efforts of the organization.

If you believe you have the skills and experience to be the Liberal Party of Canada’s new National Director, please email by May 31. A job description and requirements for the position are available upon request.

With an upcoming biennial convention and federal electoral campaign, the Liberal Party of Canada is well positioned to be the Party of choice to build a better Canada for all Canadians.

Thank you.

Mike Crawley

President, Liberal Party of Canada