Open Nominations

Building the Team for 2015

By 2015, three hundred and thirty-eight Canadians, elected by their communities, will represent the strongest Liberal team in history, ready to bring those community voices to Parliament to lead Canada together.

Our Leader Justin Trudeau is committed to open nominations in all 338 ridings from coast to coast to coast, and we are very excited to share the new National Rules for the Selection of Candidates for the Liberal Party of Canada, which is the first step in this process. *

If you are interested in running – thank you for joining the team! By making this commitment, you are leading the charge for positive change.

There are a few things that have changed in these rules since the last election.

  • Access to Membership Data for Nomination Contestants will only be provided through Liberalist to ensure a cohesive approach.
  • There will be a Nominations Services Fee – a requirement to transfer $1000 from a nomination candidate’s campaign account to the Party. This money will go towards offsetting the costs of the nomination process and towards additional training for campaigns.
  • There will be criteria for EDAs to meet before a nomination meeting can be called – including specific thresholds for fundraising, membership, and the need to have completed all requirements regarding the riding redistribution process.

Your first step to starting the process is to download the nomination rules and read them carefully.

Next, fill out the form to request your Nomination Candidate Package. Your Provincial or Territorial Co-chairs will then send you the forms you need to have your candidacy reviewed by the Green Light Committee. After you become a Qualified Candidate, you will receive access to riding membership information through Liberalist and can begin your nomination campaign.

We look forward to working with you and your campaign team. Good luck!

Katie Telford and Dan Gagnier
National Campaign Co-Chairs

Request your Nomination Contestant Package

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    Are you of aboriginal ancestry?

In the rules, you may note the Leader retains the authority to designate a person to be the Candidate in any election. The party membership voted at the 2012 Biennial to not modify this section of the rules and it remains a part of the Liberal Party of Canada Constitution. So while these clauses must be included in the rules, the Leader’s commitment to open nominations is clear.