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National Board of Directors

What’s in a name? Well, for the group formerly called the National Executive quite a bit actually.

New faces, familiar faces with great new ideas, and a new name meant to more clearly reflect the group’s mandate and goals. The National Board of Directors is tasked with managing and supervising the activities of the Party, and is made up some of the most dedicated and experienced Liberals in Canada.

Leader Justin Trudeau
National President Anna Gainey
National Director Jeremy Broadhurst
National Vice-President (English) Chris MacInnes
National Vice-President (French) Geneviève Hinse
National Policy Chair Maryanne Kampouris
National Membership Secretary Leanne Bourassa
Past National President Mike Crawley
President, Liberal Party of Newfoundland & Labrador John Allan
President, Liberal Party of Prince Edward Island Ewan Clark
President, Nova Scotia Liberal Party John Gillis
President, New Brunswick Liberal Association Britt Dysart
President, Liberal Party of Canada (Québec) Linda Julien
President, Liberal Party of Canada (Ontario) Tyler Banham
President, Liberal Party of Canada (Manitoba) Don Fletcher
President, Liberal Party of Canada (Saskatchewan) Evatt Merchant
President, Liberal Party of Canada (Alberta) Robbie Schuett
President, Liberal Party of Canada (British Columbia) Braeden Caley
President, Federal Liberal Association of Yukon Blake Rogers
President,  Liberal Party of Canada (Northwest Territories) Jeremy Weyerman
President, Federal Liberal Association of Nunavut Michel Potvin
Caucus Representative Francis Scarpaleggia
Co-Chair, Aboriginal Peoples’ Commission (Female) Caitlin Tolley
Co-Chair, Aboriginal Peoples’ Commission (Male) Kevin Seesequasis
President, National Women’s Liberal Commission Mary Pynenburg
President, Young Liberals of Canada Justin Kaiser
Co-Chair, Senior Liberals’ Commission (French) Anne Adams
Co-Chair, Senior Liberals’ Commission (English) Kenneth D. Halliday
Chair, Council of Presidents Veena Bhullar
Chief Financial Officer Chuck Rifici
Chief Revenue Officer Stephen Bronfman
CEO, Federal Liberal Agency of Canada Mike Eizenga
National Campaign Co-Chair Katie Telford
National Campaign Co-Chair Dan Gagnier
Constitutional and Legal Adviser (English) Craig Munroe
Constitutional and Legal Adviser (French) Elise Bartlett

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